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Locksmith Birmingham provides the local Birmingham community with a wide range of professional and affordable locksmith service's. For emergency door opening service's, Insurance approved lock fitting service's, and expert upvc door repair service's, Adams Central Locksmiths are often the optimal choice. Our accomplished locksmiths are proficient in all service's including repair and replacement of all the most common locks and locking mechanism's currently available in the Uk today. With a wealth of experience and extensive knowledge of the locksmith industry, Adams Central Locksmiths provide a reputable and principled locksmith service you can rely on. 

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Emergency Locksmith Service's in Birmingham from £45.

A lockout is the inability of a ligitimate keyholder to gain access to their property. The property may be a building, room, cupboard or container etc. This is caused by a defective or deliberately damaged lock, a lost, damaged or missing key. Our emergency locksmiths are trained to overcome all of these situations and more.

Local Birmingham locksmiths, together with specialist locksmith tools and equipment, ensures we provide a prompt and professional emergency locksmith service at a price you can afford.  So, whether you've locked yourself out accidentally, problems with key's, or your lock is malfunctioning, Get in touch. Our experienced emergency locksmiths have the equipment and expertise to deal with any situation immediately.


Lock Change Service's.

We understand that finding time to replace the locks around your home or business is often to much for you to manage. Laborious jobs like replacing cylinders, finding suitable replacement mortice locks, or replacing complicated door furniture can often be left for months because you can't find the time. 
Other more challenging lock change procedures like sourcing rare security products, replacing discontinued locks, or replacing a complex locking mechanism could be to demanding. Which is why we offer a flexible locksmith service to fit around your busy lifestyle. Our accomplished locksmiths are proficient with all the most common mechanical lock change procedures, and we install an extensive range of security products from all mainstream lock manufacturers.



Upvc Door Repairs & Anti Snap Lock Fitting Services.

For professional and cost effective upvc door repair service's, Call now. When you call, you speak directly to an experienced upvc door repair specialist who can expertly diagnose the problem with your door, then provide you with a quotation for the necessary repair. We specialize in everything from non destructive door opening and lock repairs, to door realignment and replacement damaged, dated or obsolete security hardware products.



Emergency Lock Repairs.

It's essential for any home or building to have good working locks incase of break ins, entrapments, and fire & safety regulations. Adams Central Locksmiths carry a wide range of conventional locks and spares to ensure we can repair or replace all the most common locks quickly in a single visit. 

We also have fast access to a more comprehensive range of security products and spares from local security wholesale specialists in Birmingham, ensuring we can replace or repair even the most infrequent locks efficiently when required.



Lock Installation Service's.

Adams Central Locksmiths install door locks using industry specialist tools, Manufacturers templates and certain technical specifications to ensure that all doors are drilled and cut in the currect locatons.

We install night latches, mortice locks, digital locks, and many other types of mechanical locking devices for doors and windows. Our experienced locksmiths can also provide onsite quotations for installing additional security devices, and for any unforeseen locksmith services you may require.



Whether you're locked out of your home, business or other, Call now.

We appreciate that when you're locked out, you just want to get in as efficiently as possible without causing costly damage to your property. Adams Central Locksmiths are masters in providing such service's. Using systematic and established procedures, our professionally trained locksmiths can expertly unlock all locks commonly installed to secure homes, buildings, and various types of containers. Below is a short list of locks we encounter frequently. This is not a comprehensive list, so if you can't see what you're looking for please call us to discuss your requirements.



Upvc Door Lock Outs? | Non Destructive Entry | Lock Repairs | Lock Replacements | Door Realignment.

Adams Central Locksmiths can safely and professionally unlock and repair all upvc/composite doors commonly fitted to homes and building in Birmingham today. Whether you've left your keys inside the lock, Lost your key's, or your lock has failed, we can expertly gain entry without damaging your door. With extensive knowledge of upvc doors and security hardware, our experienced locksmiths can also realign your door, replace locks and door handles, and repair multipoint locking mechanism's when necessary.



Non Destructive Entry for 2, 3, & 5 Lever Mortice Locks.

Specializing with lock picks and non destructive entry tools, Adams Central Locksmiths can unlock a 2, 3, or 5 lever mortice lock with professional lock picks or in some cases with lock decoding equipment (where possible). When necessay we can also gain entry by correctly and precisely drilling the lock, which will ensure your door is opened quickly, with only minimal damage.

When required or necessary we will replace your existing mortice lock with a like for like replacement to ensure your home is secure.



Digital Locks ? Lost Codes | Malfunctioning Locks | New Combinations. 

If you're locked out of a property or a room due to a lost code on a mechanical digital code lock, Adams Central Locksmiths will decode the lock to unlock your door (when possible), then if required change the code to a new combination. 
If your digital combination door lock has failed, and will not open even when the correct code has been entered, our emergency locksmith will unlock your door using non destructive entry methods, or we will remove the lock from the door safely, and in a professional manner.



Night Latches ? Accidental Lock-outs | Dropped Snibs | Lost Key's | Broken Locks.

Adams Central Locksmiths use professional lock picks, lock bypass tools and other specialist equipment to ensure we can unlock night latches quickly, without damaging your door. So, Whether you've lost your key's, Locked your key's inside the house, or your lock is malfunctioning, you can always rely on Adams Central Locksmiths to do a quick and professional job for a good price.