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Based locally in Birmingham, Adams Central Locksmiths are often the optimal choice when you need urgent repairs carried out on your upvc door. With over ten years experience in the upvc door repair industry, Adams Central Locksmiths provide the Birmingham community with a fast and efficient upvc door repair service second to non. We specialize in everything from non destructive door opening and lock repairs, to door realignment and replacing damaged hardware like locks and door handles. Experienced engineers, together with specialist tools and equipment ensures we can fix most problems quickly in a single visit, and we have fast access to all available repair parts incase specific or rare components are required to complete a successful repair. for general enquiries or more information call now, our accomplished upvc door repair specialist can expertly diagnose any problem with your door and provide a quotation or estimate for the necessary repair.

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With a wealth of experience and extensive knowledge of upvc door repair industry, we can typically provide you with an instant quote without having to call locally. We also offer a free call out service incase a quotation can't be provided prior to the visit.

Emergency Door Opening. ( Non Destructive Entry )


With over ten years experience unlocking failed locks in upvc doors, Locksmith Birmingham can expertly diagnose any problem with your lock, and open your door without causing costly damage to your door and door frame in the process. Trained engineers, together with specialist tools and equipment ensures we can unlock and repair all the most common upvc door locks quickly in a single visit. We also have full access to all available repair parts incase specific or rare components are needed to complete a successful repair. Please note that although we have a fixed price for calling out to unlock a failed multi point locking mechanism in a upvc door, not all locks are the same. So the cost of replacing a lock can vary depending on the type of lock and the lock manufacturer. If you have any questions regarding costs or services please call us to discuss your requirements, our experienced staff will provide you with as much information as possible before we call locally.

Replacement Upvc Door Handles.

Broken door handles are a very common problem with Upvc doors, and since there's more than sixty possible handle sizes in circulation, it's not always easy to find the right replacement door handles to suit your door. With over ten years experience replacing multi-point locks and door handles, Adams Central Locksmiths now stock a variety of different sized door handles to suit all the most common upvc door locks, we also have fast access to all other available sizes incase a rare or specific sized handle is required. So if you need a trustworthy company to replace your door handles without making costly alterations to your door, Call us today.


Replacement Multi-point Locking Mechanisms.

Failed Multi-point Locking Mechanisms are the number one cause of upvc door problems, and with so many different lock manufacturers, sizes, and types to choose from, it can be very difficult to find the correct lock to replace your existing lock, especially when you don't know what to look for. Adams Central Locksmiths stock a wide range of multi-point lock gearboxes and spares to ensure we can repair all the most common locks quickly in a single visit, we also have fast access to all other locks and repair parts incase we need specific or rare components are needed to complete a successful repair.


Door Realignment Service.

If your door has become difficult to open or lock, or it feels like you're having to use a eccessive force when lifting the handles to lock your door, it may be that the door lock needs to be adjusted or realigned. Here's a couple of common reasons why your upvc doors need to be adjusted or realigned to work properly. Firstly when upvc doors to expand in hot weather the lock compression can sometimes become to tight, when this happens you will notice that you're having to use eccessive force when lifting the handle to lock your door, and if you continue to use the door in this condition it will eventually cause the handles or the lock to break. Similarly when upvc doors drop out of alignment it can have the same effect. Adams Central Locksmiths are trained and experienced in determining whats wrong with your door and how to rectify the problem quickly in a professional manner. By realigning your upvc door you are ensuring that your door and lock work more efficiently, and in turn this will extend the usefulness and lifespan of your upvc door.

Lost Keys to Upvc Doors.

We Understand that loosing the keys to your upvc front or back door can cause problems with access, and cause concern about the security of your property. Adams Central Locksmiths can call out quickly at any time to open your door, replace the lock, and provide you with new keys for as little as £65. We offer a full range of quality replacement locks including standard TS007 1 star rated euro cylinders or simular, and insurance approved TS007 3 star diamond standard euro cylinders. Call now for an instant quote.


Changing and Upgrading Multi-point Locking Mechanism's.

Changing a standard MPL gearbox to a split spindle or twin spindle gearbox will effectively change a standard lever lift locking mechanism into a nightlatch aswell. By doing this you are ensuring no one can gain casual access from outside without the use of a key. This type of lock is especially useful in households where family and friends leave your property without locking the door behind them, therefore allowing easy access from outside without the use of a key. Adams Central Locksmiths can upgrade nearly all multi point locking mechanisms to include this function, or alternatively we can reverse the procedure for people who prefer to lock there door when they choose to. With extensive knowledge of multi-point locking mechanisms we can typically provide you with a instant quote for this lock change procedure without having to call locally.


Insurance Approved Locking Systems & Additional Locks.

With lock snapping type burglaries increasing in recent years, theres neven been a better time to fit additional locks and install 3 Star rated insurance approved locking systems around your home or property. We supply and fit a full range of quality burglary deterrent locking devices for all upvc doors and windows, including cable restrictors, Sash jammers, High security door handles, Anti snap euro cylinders and more.

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